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30 June - 3 July 2022 - I presented at the 13th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, Mend, Blend, Attend, at Bauhaus University in Weimar. The presentation, 'Attending to procedural authorship in participatory art practice', expanded on participatory design practices in art, gaming, and psychology. More information about the conference can be found here. The proceedings will be published in the coming months.

April-May 2022 - I performed in several concerts around Berlin with the MaNN AUS OBST ensemble in our new production Etudes for a new normal: Compost City.  In this production, we act as cultural earthworms; maneuvering through the current environment and digesting it in order to build a path to a harmonious public life. As an ensemble, MaNN AUS OBST explores the endangered spaces of cities by bringing their images and sounds into the public awareness through analogue and digital improvisatory practices, and through performance, transforms them into new installations in the public sphere. More information can be found here, and an archival website is forthcoming in June 2022.

July-Sep 2022 - I will be a virtual artist-in-residence at, an initiative for artists working with Net Art and digital interactive experiences. As part of their call, (Un)Sustainable?, I will be working to incorporate machine learning into Dream City. 

Nov 17-19 2022 - Over the coming months, I will be one of 24 researchers and artists selected to participate in Connective Symposium at Fontys University of the Arts, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Their "aim is to map the field; explore, collect and discuss approaches with which artistic researchers relate to connectivity." I will be presenting and We Called It Earth as part of the discussion. 

16-24 Oct 2021 - Dream City was played at Dutch Design Week! Eindhoven hosted thousands of artists and designers all tackling the theme "The Greater Number".  Go to Dream City

10-14 Nov 2021 - I was an invited contributor at the IMPACT21: Urgent Translations – On codes, images and realities symposium in Essen, Germany. Led by Arne Vogelgesang and Birgit Schneider, we will examine 'influential visual media processes and dynamic cultural techniques and how these effect on climate politics, future concepts and political radicalization'. 

29 Oct - 15 Dec 2021 - I participated in a virtual residency organized by co.iki in Japan and KOFICE (The Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange). Selected curators/researchers will work closely together to 'reimagine alternative models of the museum'. Part of an ongoing project, 'The Great Museum', this residency will culminate in a presentation and essay, to be published in December 2021. You can find my proposal on Medium.

16 Dec 2021 - I presented my research, 'Looking at ourselves where we are not: Reflective co-speculation in the digital museum', as part of an online residency for co.iki and KOFICE. An essay of the same title will be published on in early 2022 and can also be accessed here

17 Sep 2021, 11:30 - I presented my research, Co-authoring with the collective, at the Politics of the Machines conference in Berlin. The accompanying paper can be viewed in Research.

2 Oct 2021 16:30-21:00 - I co-curated the 404 Festival in Amsterdam at the Perdu Theatre. We Called It Earth was also installed from 16:30-18:00. More information about the festival and works can be found here

13 Sep 2021 - I was honored to have ArtEZ University interview me for their 'Finals' series. You can read the article, Jessica Renfro: bringing people together through video gaminghere

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