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2.10.2021, 15-21:00 
Perdu Theatre, Amsterdam

404 is a diverse collective of
artists formed by graduates
from the HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES at ArtEZ University, Arnhem. They are generously hosted by 4bid in Amsterdam.

HoPP is an incubator for artistic research
around the 'body in performance' and its wider ecology. Within its setting of de-disciplined and diverse thinking, HoPP promotes performance- making as a strategy for equitable societies. Students design rigorous lines of research, investigating, challenging, and reshaping the role of the artist, contributing to the advancement of performance in their chosen field.

4bid is a non-profit space, a project, and a platform with a special attention to the bridge between Performative and Visual Art.

Take it bend it or leave it festival

ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem

20 October 2020 is a perfect time to take a close look at not just the rules, but their function. Rules have always governed our minds, our daily lives, and our economies. And following a rule to its breaking point, deliberately misinterpreting it, or looking both ways to make sure no one is looking before crossing a red line is an experience common to collective living. Personal rules can be chosen for the sake of self-discipline, compulsion, or an outside pressure to be a valuable member of society, but they can also keep us safe both mentally and physically, and lay the groundwork for a more complete understanding of the world. Only by exploring the limits and limitations of rules can we tread that delicate line that leads us safely, but freely into the future. 

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Evil Ever After

Erasmus University Cultural Platform,

Love, betrayal, and fascism in the fairytale kingdom as heroes and villains meet up at college. An evening of dance party revelry led by WILDe theatre, Erasmus University choir, orchestra, hip hop and ballroom dancers. 

Written and directed by Jessica Renfro, Produced by WILDe Theatre and Erasmus University Cultural Platform

Lost in the Woods

Philadelphia Fringe Festival


Once upon a time, two starving children found themselves in a magical world that threatened to both empower and devour them. This family-friendly romp through Hansel and Gretel's forest is a multimedia adventure featuring classical, jazz, and pop singing, lip-sync, and dance.

Written and directed by Jessica Renfro, produced by M4M Productions

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