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Double Dream Life

(Play both videos at the same time)

In Dream Teams, I asked for daydreams and fantasies based on an image and a narrative prompt. It was fascinating to receive the submissions, particularly because many of them fit together with each other so seamlessly. After ordering them, I created several images with accompanying musical numbers that were inspired by the dreams. I then asked a group of participants to follow me to a Jitsi channel (an online video conferencing platform) where I played a video, styled like an early video game, containing these images and musical numbers. In the chat box, I interpolated the dream submissions I had been sent. I also encouraged chatting as a way to encourage playfulness and daydreaming in the moment. The performance is meant to be live for that reason, but above I’ve posted two videos: one of the images and music and one of participant texts. Play them side by side (pressing play as close to the same time as possible) for an impression of the performance. This may require a larger screen like a laptop or desktop.

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