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20 October 2020 is a perfect time to take a close look at not just the rules, but their function. Rules have always governed our minds, our daily lives, and our economies. And following a rule to its breaking point, deliberately misinterpreting it, or looking both ways to make sure no one is looking before crossing a red line is an experience common to collective living. Personal rules can be chosen for the sake of self-discipline, compulsion, or an outside pressure to be a valuable member of society, but they can also keep us safe both mentally and physically, and lay the groundwork for a more complete understanding of the world. Only by exploring the limits and limitations of rules can we tread that delicate line that leads us safely, but freely into the future. 

Engaging with performance, video art, installations, and more, the festival welcomes thirteen artists from around the globe who reflect on social rules, performance rules, unsaid rules, and on what rules could be: 


Isabella Arboleda


Eryfili Drakopoulou

Cecilie Fang

Gustavo Tome Garcia

Lucas Koester

Antrianna Moutoula

Giovanna Chiara Pasini

Maria Pisiou

Foivi Psevdou

Ana Luisa Britto Ribeiro 

Peim van der Sloot

Ella Tighe


And now, dear visitor, it is up to you to decide what to do:


take it, bend it, or leave it?

Take It, Bend it, or Leave It

is a one-day, experimental festival taking place in Arnhem,

The Netherlands. It is non-commercial (receiving no funding and/or subsidy from outside) and operates entirely on a voluntary basis (In other words, it is a labour of lurrrvvvv).


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